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I Am Me

I Am Me, because being Goddess is my life. It just is. This is not a destination. People are drawn to me because I spark something real inside of them that says Yes to this type of life. I expose the truth about sex love spirituality and help us all to live a life of freedom and learn the power of choice.

I am living Goddess. The biggest mistake I’ve seen people make is to “try” something and not BE what they desire in their lives! And then give up, and then wonder, why not me?

I Am the example of the power and importance of ritual, practice and faith! As I continue to break dysfunction and victimization in my life, I learned that life and steps to evolve are not temporary.

I will always grow because life is always moving. And I Am Manifesting my Divine Birthright Of Prosperity! That’s the promise and personal success of this Life! And So It Is

~ Reverend Goddess Charmaine

I am in charge of how I express my sexual goddess consciousness and teachings. I always speak my truth and allow no one, no one to manipulate me into acting outside of my truth and comfort. My erotic truth transforms all into enlightenment. And this brings wisdom abundance and healing for us all.


And So It Is……

I believe in the spiritualization of Sex.

It’s very important for us to bring back the real power of all life. 

We are Creative Spirits and Human Beings. We all have been born blessed and we all have defiled and misused this ability out of selfish ego gratification that all life on this planet now suffers from.

Unite Sex and Spirit in your own way.

From this place we can all heal rise and live our Divine Birthright Of Prosperity on Earth. 

Holla Y'll
It is my pleasure to offer these videos all about Honoring and Uplifting your life through Uniting Sex & Spirit! I Am Goddess and my body is my Holy Temple and with my Pussy MERGED with my Heart (Spirit) I can do anything. I enjoy gifting you with information on how you too can unite sex and spirit and go into your "Born Blessed" frequency and align with your Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth. I love to be naked, I love to dance, create rituals and share all about Goddess consciousness. I hope you all can receive through my video gifts and allow yourself to go deeper into your own self love and rise! I honor the God/Goddess in YOU!
And So It Is...
Goddess Blessings


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