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Great Goddess Foundation of Faith

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The belief in Great Goddess is a conscious link to the Mother Source creative power. Similar to the creative power being masculine we now understand and evolve to this creative power being feminine as well. We worship and symbolically worship through the earth mother father sky and ultimately Mother/Father Earth God/Goddess Balance. The Creative Principle we call “GOD” that source vibration that created all life is now recognized to have also been with the “GODDESS” and that belief is the original source vibration. Since ‘the source’ can only create what it is from, its original form must therefore be female and male in all living things.

Man has always known it was created in Gods Image and now we know that God/Goddess created all life from this source feminine and masculine balance. All life, being vegetative animal and human etc incorporates the at-one-ment balance to evolve all living things in life. Because this understanding is supported in all kingdoms on Earth we see it in the plant life bonding and forming new and stronger plant life. The animals form the similar bond and we humans continue this same growth. This balance is also seen and experienced in the earth planet relationship to the sun and moon and the atmosphere supporting life on earth. We “earthlings” are part of the planets processes and our bodies experience these fluxes and waves of energy. Women are recognized to exclusively become part of the moons phases. And we “all” feel her vibration on the full moon.

The Earth is understood to be the feminine force as the Sun is masculine. These two energy sources are balanced out by the flowing changes of the moon which is also called HER. The belief is that since the phases of the moon sends energy to our other feminine force this togetherness connects to us humans that are particularly open to honoring the earth sun moon connection. This is how we continue to honor the Mother-Father-Child union. (the goddess trinity)

Our faith practices are first and not limited to incorporating the “Holy Body” relationship. Our unified intention of the oneness of all living things happens first because the goddess is in form in my/the body, and this connection is strengthened and maintained through my yoni and the lingam which is my/the sacred middle and heart connection.

This Holy Body unification is incorporated in the ways of practice as we worship the Great Goddess Consciousness and see this source vibration one with our body and we become goddess in form. The human body is part of this spiritual relationship to goddess and is acknowledged and worshiped as the holy body parts. Heart to Sex Center also known as “sacred middle” becomes the altar that we, by choice fellowship.

We shall study tantric and sacred sex scriptures to support the holy body process. We will come together with others in song and celebration of the great goddess and honor one another in the form as god and goddess. We shall include the earth presence in our worship of her and connect to the moon and practice rituals of faith with her. We are like everyone that loves and we express this in our form and therefore the goddess is equal and alive in me and you!

Click the link below to go to my Sister goddess site: The Sensuous Mystic! There you can dive deeper into my writings on goddess and honoring our Yoni Lingam and you can check my calendar of Events to see what workshops and services are happening online and in person. I also offer online private one on one sessions.

Goddess Blessings

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